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Would you or your group like to enjoy a great experience with firearms? Let your State Association help you with your sport shooting or training events.  We have Certified Training Centers and ASRPA Certified Staff, CMP, and NRA programs to help you achieve that special conference, family gathering or event, or other firearms related activities.
  Safe firearms and shooting events and group training is our specialty.
  Contact the ASRPA Education and Training Division at

Want to compete with your downloadrifles but just cant see that front sight? or do you see three of them?  We HAVE THE ANSWER.
ASRPA Education and Training is proud to announce the entire HI-Lusg logox/Leatherwood line of optics and accessories.  Also, we are corporate members of the great Sportmans Guide organization which has thousands of unique items for the outdoor man and woman.  Click on these logos to check our products. Contact Noble C. Hathaway for pricing and orders.  Proceeds benefit the Education and Training Division. 

Welcome to the
 ASRPA College of Firearms and 2A Training
 Education And Training Division
“Offering exceptional training and a positive learning experience to the perpetual student”
contact Noble C. Hathaway, ASRPA Training Division Director
 for more information.

Training ..... the act, process, or method of one that trains or the skill, knowledge,AR15 101 or experience acquired by one that trains or the state of being.
Most agree the “T” word invokes images of work, time, blood and sweat, having to use your mind or learn something new however your State Association would like you to consider a paradigm shift in the common attitude toward an unfamiliar learning curve.  So let us now add another part to that definition above....FUN.
Several years ago, after hearing of some of the comments from many students we set out to seriously tighten up training standards ...both for the teacher and for the training facility.
  Your State Association has now established proprietary courses, which encourage quality and comprehensive firearm and situational training through a focused subject curriculum.  We also highly recommend and offer the tried and true NRA education programs.  We also endorse other programs like CMP military firearms training, and basic approaches to training like the Appleseed training.  
  The ASRPA has been in the firearms competition and instruction arena since 1909 and we have urged many to receive and continue basic training by competing and seeking advanced courses in their quest to continually better themselves.
  We believe, NOW MORE THAN EVER, our Country needs a well trained militia.  Contact us for any information you might have on your or your families training.
  ASRPA offers most NRA, ASRPA, and CMP courses, including NRA Instructor programs, through our ASRPA Certified Training Centers.  This logo assures the student will receive quality training from experienced facilities and trainers that adhere to a high standard and teacASRPA Training Centerh strictly according to the lesson plans proven to be successful. 
Look for the ASRPA Certified Training Centers and know the State Association recognizes their facilities, trainers, and ability to offer quality services.
Noble Speaking66
 Over a decade ago, one seeking to obtain a State Issued Concealed Carry Permit had to attend and pass a well designed, standardized, and comprehensive course dealing with all aspects of self/family defense issues.
Due to Arizona legislation passed and signed into law in 2010-11, about all one needs to do is fork over $65 to DPS for a background check and furnish some sort of certificate that says you are a safe gun handler....this is dangerous and can get you in trouble very quickly.  Don't jeopardize your reputation, personal assets, savings, and your life by not being expertly and comprehensively trained.  If you have, or do not have a State Permit, you need to take Michael P. Anthony’s Defensive Use of Firearms.

You can contact our Education and Training Division for more information on courses. Please enter your CTC membership number in the comments box when ordering restricted items for CTC trainers.
Contact Education and Training Division Director, Noble C. Hathaway for more information on classes, instructors, and other information.
Please allow up to 10 days to receive your order.


Above:  Developed in 2016 by the ASRPA Training Committee consisting of an elite group of trainers with  diverse backgrounds, President Hathaway commissioned the group to write a course for the average citizen to understand as well as easy for an experienced, perhaps overqualified instructor to teach and relate to his/her students.  This course is not only for those carrying firearms.  Many discussions and illustrations on survivability in lots of settings and many different scenarios are covered.  This is a excellent course for mature teens, parents, and grandparents concerned with the active shooter/terrorist movement in our Country.
There is a practical firing test if the student wishes to participate and the entire course is friendly to novice students by design. A great course for civic, church, or other organizations or can be taught as a private lesson.
Only offered by ASRPA Certified Trainers.  Offered in Spanish in some areas.

LEFT:  The DUF manual used in conjunction and to supplement the full DUF Course.  This manual and full course are only available to ASRPA Certified Training Centers and approved teachers. Also, available in Spanish in certain areas.

Right: The Defensive Use of Firearms can be downloaded free of charge.  Courses that contain anything less than the DUF are considered inferior and NOT serving the public in a responsible fashion.  This course is NOT a drive by course but a full 8-10 hours of comprehensive training.

ar15 101 2

Right: : The popular ASRPA AR15/10 101 course.  This course is for the AR platform novice which might have purchased a new AR or is contemplating purchasing one.  Lots of history, hands-on, basic rifle skills course including maintenance, open and optic sights, accessories, sling use, sighting in, correct ammo and hand-loading information.  This course will prepare for competition, plinking enjoyment, or self defense.Can be taught at ranges from 100 yards and up.
Only offered by ASRPA Certified Trainers.

AR15 101 manual

Right:  The ASRPA Small-Bore AR Platform Rifle Course.  This 10 hour or one day(semester) course will usually have both classroom and range time.  The student will learn the operation and marksmanship with the AR Smallbore Rifle. 
Student will learn sitting, standing, prone, and benchrest positions.  Also, the operation of the sling with the different postions.  Iron, red dot, and scope sights will be used with both paper and steel targets. 
Only offered by ASRPA Certified Traininers

AR Smallbore cover1
ADM manual
ADM BASF 11-12-2017 Cropped Annotated

The Arizona Defense Match is a proprietary  60 round training course designed over 5 years a go to teach the “know your rifle” concept, range commands, and working as a shooting team.  This exercise is for all skill levels.  The exercise is shot at 300,200, and 100 yards and must be fired from a backpack used for transporting all non rifle equipment and in sandbag fashion.  Only the exact ammo needed for the match can be brought in the backpack. This match is sponsored by the Education and Training Division. The event is designed to be fast paced and total duration of the match, prep, and tear-down to be less than 3 hours.
 Non-ASRPA individuals and teams are encouraged to host their own ADM’s with a year end shoot off in the Phoenix Area. 

The ASRPA Education and Training Division RaodRunner Program is designed to serve the outlying communities in our state which normally have not been included in many of the opportunities that the Phoenix and Tucson areas have had. 

1st road runner 1The spirit of the Program is to partner with local sponsors and bring this program to the community.

ASRPA will furnish firearms, instructors, and program structure.  The sponsors furnish a suitable venue for classroom and range time, ammunition, targets, study books (ordered by certified NRA instructors only) material, travel costs if any, and promote the event locally.

ASRPA will furnish smallbore rifles and pistols, AR15 type rifles, and in some instances vintage miltary rifles, all or part,  and in one day the student will receive the NRA First Steps in both rifle and pistol or shotgun. 

All instructors in the RoadRunner Program must be ASRPA Certified for the discipline they teach and also must have been approved by the ASRPA Executive Board. 

Every event will be different and arrangements will vary.  Sponsors are urged to plan for the events at least 6 months in advance and more time is highly recommended.  Offered only by ASRPA Certified Training Centers

You can contact the ASRPA  Education and Training Division Director, Noble C. Hathaway at asrpatrainingdivision (at) for more information.

ASRPA Education and Training Division will be reviewing products from time to time.  It is not our desire to be technical, or speak in terms of the “operator”,  “SWAT”, or other highly specific terminology which the average person doesn’t know or care about.  We will strive to bring you very down to earth, to the point articles and videos in lay-terms which might inspire you to become more interested in all the items and industries out there and thus get out to shoot, train, and enjoy safe and responsible firearms use.

texassilencers 4

The Suppressor ...  You will hear the word SIMPLE 8 times in this quick little video....not by mistake but to remind you of how easy and practical a suppressor can be!
Click on the picture to view the short review.
Most of you have only seen a suppressor in the movies so you might be surprised to know they do not silence but merely bring the sound and report levels down far below that of an un-suppressed firearm....just like a muffler on your car..

az tac defense

Some of our ASRPA CTC trainers and organizations which adhere to a higher standard in the world of firearms training.

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